Order a company version of WebWindow.

Please use this form to order a unique version of WebWindow for your company or business.
This will display an advert of your business in any area not covered by tab windows.

See below for information on the differences between a company version or a standard version of WebWindow.
If you wish to use a free standard version of WebWindow, then you can download it at;

WebWindow company version order form:
Your name:Title:
Your email address;
So we can contact you with download information.
The number of copies of WebWindow
you wish to use or distribute;
If unsure, select smallest value your know
you will need and contact us if you wish to increase total.
If order is over 300 copies, enter value in 'Your extra info'.
The name of your company;
As displayed in the About window.

Try to keep this under 40 characters, to display the whole line.
The background colour;
Red, green, blue hexadecimal value.
Displayed in areas not covered
by a small background image.
      Values from 000000 to FFFFFF
The background image;
Image file types can be; .gif, .png, .bmp, jpg,
The WebWindow version;
Latest version recommended.

Company versions before version 3.17.5001 are not available.
Your extra information;
Any other information you wish to send;
EG. Total number of copies if over 300.
(You may leave this field blank)
Please select total copies.    -  
It can take a few seconds to upload a big background image.
You can pay by credit or debit card on the PayPal website.
Payment information will be displayed on the next page and also emailed to you.
* Your name, email address and the total number of copies you wish to use or distribute will not be
  displayed in your company version of WebWindow.
  Your company name, background colour and background image will be displayed in your version.
Company version or standard version of WebWindow.
What are the differences?
WebWindow prices As on 17/11/2012
1 to 10 copies;10.00 total for all copies
11 to 25 copies;15.00 total for all copies
26 to 59 copies;20.00 total for all copies
60 to 99 copies;25.00 total for all copies
100 to 149 copies;30.00 total for all copies
150 or more copies;        20p per copy or less
Updating information and/or image
from a previous company version;
(This is not your first order)
Free unless updated a number of times
within a short period ot time.
Then as priced above.
Enter your order form information here.

If you wish to use a free standard version of WebWindow, then you can download it at;

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