Checkbook demo.
Click on DATE to enter/edit the cheques date.
Click on PAY to enter/edit who you wish to make this check out to.
Click on THE SUM OF to enter/edit the amount in words.
Click on to enter/edit the amount as a number.
Click and sign your name on the signature line. (This only works with HTML5)
You can save your signature by clicking menu over the image,
then Save picture as or Set as background.

Internet Banking  
1a, The Hight Street,
My Town, My County, PC01 1AB
TEL: 01000 123456
  www.internetbanking.bnk 00-00-00
100001     10000001

Checkbook Signature Signature Sign here.
020310  Cheque No.                    Sort Code                                     Account No.
    ┌100001┐     00▪0000■:     └10000001┘⁞

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