WebWindow JavaScript functions and values.

From version 3.18.0045,  (See note 1 and note 3)  WebWindow adds some extra JavaScript values and functions to all pages.
(Microsoft Windows 7 or later operating systems only.  (See note 1))
All value and function names begin with ww_.

Please remember that any page using this extra JavaScript code, will only work when viewed with the WebWindow browser.

Use the following code to check if the new extra JavaScript code is supported by the browser:
  <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    try {
      // Function created by WebWindow or JavaScript code on page has a function with the same name.
      ww_ResetInbuiltValues(); //  Reset WebWindow inbuilt values.
      var canRunCode = true;
      // Function not found. Not WebWindow, version before 3.18.0045 or operating system too old.
      alert("The code on this page is designed to work with a recent version of the WebWindow browser.\nPlease upgrade.");
      var canRunCode = false;
      // WebWindow compatible code.
      ... .. .
      ... .. .
  // -->
You can set a level of privacy in; File - Options - Options edit - Browser
Options value:ww_JS_privacyww_JS_privacyLevelReturn values:
Don't return any private JavaScript values.true0X or XX will return N/A or undefined.
Return some private JavaScript values.false1XX will return N/A or undefined.
Return all private JavaScript values.false2Will return all values.
When JavaScript privacy values are disabled, some about:commands will also return the string N/A.

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